Our Story

Alay, in Tagalog, translates to “dedication” or “offering”, is an aspect housed under Bayanihan Community (formerly known as the Filipino Student Association) at UC Santa Cruz.

Alay’s main goal as an aspect is to publish and showcase student work, and serve as a vehicle for self-expression within the Bayanihan space. The publication, referred to as the Anthology, consists of both textual and visual works, submitted by UCSC students, and produced during Spring Quarter through Student Media.

Although Alay is affiliated with Bayanihan, we also welcome non-Pilipinx contributors and participants in order to emphasize our message of diversity.

We accept all forms of art, ranging from written works – such as creative stories, to the visual arts – such as paintings or photography. If your art cannot be printed in the publication, but you would still like to showcase your work, feel free to contact Alay to be featured on our website or Instagram.

If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact Alay at alay.ucsc@gmail.com, send us a message on Facebook.