Letters From the Editors

Laura Gavia

Recognizing the amount of work and dedication we put into the aspect, allowed me to truly value everything we accomplished. Greeting prospective Bayanihan members that will soon share the same love for the space as I do, passing out the Valentine’s candy grams that the staff tenderly prepared, standing on the Porter/Kresge dining hall stage on the day of Unity Showcase, completing the production of the anthology, and the thought of finally being able to hold a copy of the 24th edition in my own hands invokes such intense feelings of excitement, warmth, exhilaration, appreciation, fondness, and immense joy. 

In regards to the production of the anthology, although it took a lot of time and effort, I feel fortunate to be so directly involved in the process. I cherish the long nights spent working with staff, deliberating spread layouts, intentionally pairing pieces together, creating the cover, reviewing proofs and brainstorming with (and crying to) Sierra. Ultimately, I hope you all enjoy Alay’s 24th edition because we put so much care and love into it.

Lastly, I’m incredibly grateful for all the support I received from Bayanihan core, Student Media, Alay Staff, the community, and especially from my co, Sierra. I can not stress enough how much they all uplifted and motivated me to continue moving forward even when I felt defeated. Having their company and truly being present in even the simpler moments made this journey worthwhile. Thank you to those that believed in me when I didn’t. I wouldn’t be where I am today without any of you.